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Shu He architectural photography studio | Beijing | Shanghai | China.
Architectural photography Beijing, Architectural photography Shanghai,
The first architectural photography office in Beijing,the second office in shanghai,China. SHUHE PHOTOGRAPHY is a professional photography studio specializing in architecture, design and visual arts. SHUHEPHOTO. ??ս???Ӱ????????Ϻ???й򡣽
SHUHE PHOTOGRAPHY is a professional photography studio specializing in architecture, design and visual arts. In 2004, Shu He opened his first architectural photography office in Beijing, and from that time, with a brand new artistic horizon, he started his cooperation with renowned architects at home and abroad by photographing their representative works. Integrating contemporary artistic thought, his photography practice has won extensive recognition from the architectural industry. As an exclusive photographer for the world-renowned media and publications, he is following closely the latest developments of the contemporary architecture. In his own words, his daily work is to observe architecture, discover the architectural philosophy behind the visual image and let more people feel and understand architecture by photographing, and the architectural image will eventually become the memory of architectural life..
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Based on architectural photography, Shu He commits to the research of the relation among architectural design, architectural photography and visual transmission to reveal the visual significance and cultural connotation of the contemporary architecture. SHUHE PHOTOGRAPHY's clients include I.M Pei, David Chipperfield, Steven Holl, Gensler, FCJZ -Yung Ho Chang, Kengo Kuma,, AS, MAD-Yansong Ma, Atkins, KPF, RTKL, Deshaus, BAU, Sparch, PTW, KSP, GMP, Domus Magazine and A+U Magazine. Shu He??s excursion into photography also covers space arts, interior design, industrial product design, lighting design and environmental art design. Some clients and projects: Pei Cobb freed & partners-I.M Pei David Chipperfield Architects Steven Holl Architects KPF<div id="tesi"><strong style="font-weight: 400"><p>友情链接1:<p><a href="">博彩</a>
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